KipuKai L P KUALI`I for Kaua`i County Council



“KipuKai comes from a family of hard workers.  He is well-educated, approachable and responsive.  He definitely has all the qualities we need on our County Council.”     Pinky Baliaris

“What impresses me most about KipuKai is his dedication to people and community.  Also, that he’s progressive in his thinking and willing to do whatever it takes to make things better for everyone.  He has my full support.”           Noelle Cambeilh

“KipuKai is a humble servant who truly has our best interest at heart.  His love for Kaua`i and Ni`ihau resonates through his every thought.  We are honored to support him."         Bob & Adrienne Crowell 

“I support KipuKai because of his genuine interest in and concern for the people on every part of the island.  He is not just another politician; he genuinely cares about our welfare and helping us solve our problems with county government.”         ​Linda Estes

“KipuKai truly has the experience, competence and heart to deserve each of our votes.  Vote for KipuKai KUALI`I – for decision-making which benefits us all.”        Eric Knutzen

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