KipuKai L P KUALI`I for Kaua`i County Council


Passionately advocating for our people and for our islands; using my experience and dedication to work on protecting and improving the quality of life for all our residents.  Here’s our 2020 campaign platform:

Rebuilding, Strengthening & Diversifying Our Economy – Creating Jobs & Supporting Local Business.  My commitment is to help bring folks together to make our economic recovery our top priority!  That includes providing direct assistance to businesses & community non-profits such as the $18m in CARES Act funding grants just awarded (7/9/20).  It also includes working with our County Administration and our eight economic recovery strategy teams to implement their recommendations.

Budgeting Responsibly & Limiting Taxes - Budgeting Responsibly, Managing Costs and Limiting Taxes (“Being Accountable Always”).  My strength as a detailed, numbers guy fighting for our citizens hard-earned tax dollars is needed now more than ever.

Building Affordable Homes & Rentals – Incentivizing the faster building of more Affordable Homes and Rentals for our Growing Families, our Overcrowded (“invisible homesless”) and our Homeless.  My leadership as Housing Chair is bringing about vital improvements to our Housing Policy.  

Delivering Core Services Efficiently – Prioritizing the efficient delivery of Public Safety (Police, Fire & Rescue) and Public Works (Roads, Parks, Sewage Treatment, Solid Waste & Water) services.  My careful scrutiny of our Budget helps bring about the cuts we need to ensure we cover shortfalls and adequately fund these core services.

Protecting Our ʻĀina & Sustenance Lifestyles - Protecting our Natural Resources, Agriculture (farming & ranching) & Local Sustenance Lifestyles (gardening, gathering, hunting & fishing).  My upbringing in a local family of fishermen, gardeners, gatherers, & hunters taught me the value of our `aina for our survival; or, food sustainability.

Collaborating for Community Solutions – Working with both Public & Private Partners to develop and implement forward-thinking solutions to longstanding challenges like Climate Change, Drug Abuse, Teen Suicide and Traffic Congestion.  My lifelong experiences as a community organizer for economic, environmental, racial and social justice has taught me how to work effectively with many different partners and the public.

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